Figs In Season



Summer 2022

FLY AWAY! … A Season to Retreat, Reflect and Renew Ourselves

Superman is a figment of our imagination, but even as such – he has his kryptonite. We are all prone to influences that have deleterious effects on us. Our ability to be the dynamic operators we wish to be in our various worlds has its ebbs and flows.

We are, without exception, worn by the various challenges that are ever present in the course of our lives. Those challenges come from within and without. They originate in our own deficiencies as individuals, and they come from the inevitable bruising of lives lived in the real world where things don’t always pan out according to our untested idealisms.

Beyond our desire to rise to every circumstance lies that bothersome reality that we are in fact breakable. We eventually discover, much to our chagrin, that we are vulnerable to the battering that comes our way in the course of the many transactions that we engage and that engage us. It therefore behooves us to periodically pause, and take stock of our need for repair.

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