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FALLING FORWARD… Of Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones


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When the sun disappears below the edge of the distant corridors of our hemisphere, and we are left with the darkness of night, it begins its journey across the sky of the other hemisphere of our world. Sunrise… sunset, daylight… night time. Our Earth turns on its axis, and it moves in a never-ending rotation around its Sun. As a result of this dynamic, we have day and night, and the four seasons that function as the impetus for growth and change among all the inhabitants of the magnificent globe we call home.

The interchanges between day and night, light and darkness, heat and cold, growth and decline, the seasons of abundance and those of dormancy, are in essence parables that can teach us lessons about the dynamic oppositeness of life. This oppositeness keeps our lives in a state of balance and is reflected in the experiences of joy and sadness, ups and downs, & hope and despair. The challenges of these opposing states of being can serve as opportunities for our growth. They present to us information about the yin and yang that are essentials in the cultivation of a balanced existence.

Our anxieties about change cause us to sometimes describe our experiences in terms that are in fact unrelated to the truths of the real dynamics of cosmic reality.

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