Figs In Season



Illustration: The Legend of Tai & Burung Elang



In the world around us, and within ourselves, Spring brings an essence-enhancing newness to the experience of being. It is the recurring oasis in the desert of our existence; at once a season and a place of reinvigoration.

This season of resurgence reminds us that dormancy is not death. It entreats us to take a break from the labors that consume us so that we may find the wherewithal to rise again in an inspired newness of being. The difference between those who live into the newness of being that marks this season and those who don’t, is a consciousness of the essential variety of the times of our lives.

The consciousness of the essential variety of our lives opens our eyes to the opportunities inherent in the challenges of our continued evolution. It fuels the courage we need to embrace the toppling of the status quo in our experiences. To paraphrase a well known piece of wisdom: it teaches us that there is indeed a time to sow, and a time to reap; a time to build up, and a time to tear down; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to die, and a time to be born again; a time to hold on to old things, and a time to let go of such things.

Spring challenges us to reimagine ourselves. We are moved by the breath of fresh air  that comes with this new season to take inventory of ourselves and our lives with a view to the creation of new spaces in which to grow. We are summoned by the promises of another “resurrection” to reconceive ourselves… to see our lives beyond the currency of the contents of our minds and the burdens thereof. The rebirth that calls us forward into a new sense of ourselves is enhanced, among other things, by the unlimiting of our imagination, and the empowerment that can come with the appropriate stewardship of a new sense of Freedom.

Beyond the accrued contents of your mind – with all its joys and sorrows; with all its taught liberties and constraints; beyond the superimposed duties and burdens that we have come to assume in our day to day grind – we have a most sacred duty to recreate ourselves in ways that liberate us from the many influences that would limit our potential.

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