Figs In Season



Fall 2023

The Rich Ripeness Of Autumn’s Stride

“There is a time in the last few days of summer when the ripeness of autumn fills the air, and time is quiet and mellow.”
– Rudolfo Anaya
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“There was a hint of spring in her sole green eyes, something summery in her complexion, and a rich autumn ripeness in her walk.”
– Toni Morrison
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Autumn comes for all of us. It is the season that punctuates our lives with a needed reminder that our physicality has an end date. Wisdom dictates that we live into the reality of this notion with a strident, yet noble passion, and attend to our various needs accordingly. The flora in our most fertile regions will experience that season when their leaves and petals fall off. The symbols of their innate fecundity will succumb to a natural exhaustion that returns them to the ground from which they drew succor. And in that ground they will become nourishment for the good earth that nurtured them.

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