Winter 2011

Comes a time when the need to change the circumstances of your life will impose itself on your consciousness in a markedly undeniable way. You will know that moment as a new and forceful breath that fills up the stale chambers of your being. That enabling wind will lift you above the depressing old expectations that once informed your sense of being in the world in which you exist. And when that Arising comes to you, you will make a compact bundle of the things that mean the most to you. And you will gather around you those who have shared the experiences that shaped the now in which you find yourself. You will tell them that the time has come for you to pursue a different kind of future. It may be that some of them will want to trade the stale air that depresses them for the inspiration of that dynamic new gale that ruffles feathers and enables the wings that will lift you above and beyond the vale of despair.

Your life is yours. It is yours to lose. It is yours to save. It is yours to do something or nothing with. Ultimately no one else can occupy that space in eternity that you now inhabit. Accept that… know that this is true. Wake up from the slumber of unconsciousness that befalls so many. Open your eyes and train your senses for the challenges you must face as you become more and more aware of the circumstances that you now call your life. Is it what you want it to be? If not, why not? Be honest.

What are the aspirations that once energized you that have over time gone dormant? Where is the fire in your gut that once danced as a sparkle in your eyes? Like so many before you and around you, that fire may have been doused by the too many swallowed tears of mounting disappointments. Your primordial blaze may have succumbed to the many buckets of cold water poured on by those who seek to thrive by suppressing the aspirations of others. You may have gotten stuck in the mud of a sense of worthlessness cultivated by an overindulgence of your failings. You do not have to continue to wallow in that precarious existential state.

Your Moment Of Awakening comes, and when it does do not slight it as one more occasion of pipe-dreaming. Do not ignore your Epiphany by deferring the need to get up out of the bed of despair. Instead, adjust your position… determine to take up your bed and walk. Wake up and set your face against the place that locks you up and shuts you down. Make up your mind to leave behind you every influence that binds you to a future of hopelessness.

Beyond the state of bondage and despair that too many of us endure, lies The Land Of Promise… the promise of a more fulfilling life. Getting there will force you to confront daunting odds. There are “many rivers to cross”. There are discouraging voices calling you back to the deleterious ways that you must now discard; voices you must necessarily disregard. Yes, there are obstacles that will seem insurmountable that you must face and overcome. But you can… you must… and you, with the inspiration of a new vision of yourself, you will overcome those obstacles.

Your life is a promise to be fulfilled. Your dreams are possibilities to be explored. You have within you the power to become everything you believe you can be. Yes, beyond the state of bondage and despair lies the Land Of Promise. Beyond the disparaging critique of those who live to break others, lies the power of your possibilities… the boundlessness of your dreams.

Beyond the days of pain and grief lies a Season Of Hopefulness that only you can deny yourself through your own lack of faith. Faiththat ability to reach into the the future and touch the things you have hoped for. Faiththat focus on your life which allows you to grasp the significance of things you have not yet accomplished, but which you now must.

Arise! Get up out of the rut of complacency. Stand up and determine to find your footing despite the instability that has come to define your circumstances. You can part the “Red Sea” in your mind a thousand times, but your journey to a prosperous future will only begin when you actually get up and start doing the work that your better life demands. This moment is as good as any to embark on that journey into A Season Of Hopefulness.

One Love!

R. A. G.
Roy Alexander Graham
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