FigTree Enterprises Incorporated is an organization dedicated to the Inspiration, Upliftment, and Healing of individuals and communities. We hope to accomplish these goals through a real focus on Spiritual, Physical, & Social Development.
To these ends, we are dedicated to:

  • The creation and propagation of inspiring literature.
  • Providing and facilitating mentoring contacts with individuals and groups.
  • The provision of Health and Wellness services to persons with special needs, and other health/life issues.

Empowerment begins here!

in-my-elementIn My Element

Inspiration For Empowerment. This book is dedicated to all who have known futility. To all who are, or have been, engaged in the struggles of meaning discovery. I invite you to share in the poetry of a more fulfilling life. More

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scattered-seedOf Scattered Seed and Broken Souls

From ‘Procreative Acts’ through ‘The Cultivation of Spirit’, ‘Of Scattered Seed and Broken Souls’ takes us on a journey through our imperfections in meaningful pursuit of a state of existential wholeness.  More

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of-paradiseOf Paradise Despised… and lives that bought into lie

Most of us will agree that our lives are, in many ways, not all that we would like them to be. We expend a great amount of energy reaching for a better us. The desire to lead more satisfying…  More

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The Empowerment Series for Children

A Beautiful MelodyA Beautiful Melody

A Beautiful Melody is a child’s narrative that reflects the truth that being “as free as birds in a tree” allows us all to do wonderful things. Freedom allows us to create “beautiful melodies” in our lives that can benefit others in various circumstances.

This story makes us think about why we should want everyone, including the birds, to have the freedom to become everything they dream of being.

A Beautiful Melody is the first book in The FigTree Empowerment Series for Children

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Book CoverThe Legend of Tai & Burung Elang

The Legend of Tai & Burung Elang is the wonderfully inspiring story of two teenagers who were cruelly separated from home and family when they were very young children. Despite the trauma of being torn from loved ones by the wicked doings of vile characters, they refused to limit themselves to a life without dreams.

Come with them on their journey and find out how this unstoppable duo overcame fear, intimidation, and the doubts and ridicule of their peers and others around them.

The Legend of Tai & Burung Elang is the second book in The FigTree Empowerment Series for Children

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The-Parts-of-a-mothers-love-CRThe Parts of A Mother’s Love… A Celebration Of The Bond Between A Mother & Her Son

About this Celebration…

This is a conversation in which a Mother and Son talk about their lasting love and affection for each other. The Son shares with his Mother all the ways in which she has affected him as he grew up. In turn, the Mother shares with her Son what the whole experience of being his Mother has been like from the very beginning, to the time at which they are having this conversation… the occasion of his 18th birthday!

This celebration was jointly inspired by a poem, “The Parts of My Mother’s Love”, written for Mother’s Day some years ago by Roy Alexander Graham, and by a letter written by Monica Rhea Graham to our son on the occasion of his 18th birthday.

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