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There comes a time when, in the interest of renewal, everything and everyone experiences the need to shake off the many assumptions of our normalcy and retire to a state of essential dormancy. It is a time to shed routine. It is a time when that which is deciduous in us is activated. Our proverbial ”leaves” fall off, as we prepare for a time of rest.

The pace of our existence changes, as all life slows down to facilitate this rest that is so essential to our renewal. Periodic renewal we know, is absolutely a part of the cycle of our continued prosperity. This season of rest is the well kept secret of our longevity. It is the fuel of our abundance.

An operational intelligence about the essential Seasons of our lives is crucial to our longevity and our prosperity. We exhort each other to ‘live long and prosper!’, but, in real terms, how exactly do we go about doing that? Are we aware of the need to change the pace of our lives, or are we so consumed with our existential anxieties that we don’t notice and comply?

Lives that are in tune with the creative impulse realize that “Old things pass away… All things are becoming new”. Without this realization we cannot truly experience the abundant life. Either way, the universe continues to ‘unfold as it should’. Whether or not our lives do the same is contingent on our ability to notice… and comply. Our abundant life cannot be realized unless we recognize the need to shed old ways of being and behaving.

And then Spring comes!
This is a time of awakening. That which was dormant miraculously comes to life again. Can you say Resurrection? This is what it’s all about. Everything that slept experiences “newness of life”, and there is that rejuvenation of Substance and Spirit that makes being in this universe so wonderfully exhilarating.

Wonder-full. This is an apt description of the awakening that can happen to us and around us in this season. It is indeed wonderful that something or someone that had been given up for “dead” rises again from the “grave” of despondency to the  “heaven” of a new life. It is a glorious thing that we, like the proverbial Phoenix, can rise from the Ashes of failure to new heights of achievement and being.

There are persons trapped in the quick-sand of an abiding sense of inadequacy, in relationships that are oppressively unprogressive, in uncreative drudgery, and in places that they desperately need to leave so they can find themselves. My message to such persons is; cultivate truths that transcend the “facts” of your life. Let no one else set the limits of who you are and what you can become.
Wake up!

To all who would take an active role in the process of their own resurgence I say, find a good book and fall asleep reading it. Discover a different kind of music and dance… learn to dance. Listen to someone inspiring. Take a vacation and go somewhere you have never gone. Fall in love. Fall in love again.

From now on choose what you want to watch and listen to. Free yourself from the depression inducing influences around you. All of them! Be they persons or things, family or acquaintances. Move to a new city. Develop new interests and find more compatible ways to express your talents and abilities. Reach out and encourage someone who needs empowerment, knowing that we empower ourselves in the process of helping a fellow traveler.

In a hypercritical world it is easy to pass judgement on things and persons we do not fully understand. It is convenient to this end, to write off the lives and efforts of others in the perpetual projection of our own insecurities. But we learn in this season of awakening that “where there is life, there is hope”, and conversely, where there is hope, there are myriad possibilities for a new and more abundant life. That which is dormant is just that… dormant… not dead.

And so as we come into a new season, let us celebrate the many possibilities for our lives. Let us embrace the new opportunities for our resurrection. Newness of life awaits. It is the season to leave behind those limitations, inherent of superimposed, that prevent us from being all that we can be. Let us open ourselves to the abundance that comes with an all-pervasive insemination of hopefulness. Get “pollinated”, and join in the chorus:
“Spring again…
hear the birds begin to sing again…
see… people fall in love again…”

A new awakening awaits. Embrace the new season with all the joy your heart can call into being!

R. A. G.
Roy Alexander Graham
Copyright 2012 Figtree Enterprises, Inc.

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