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Of Scattered Seed And Broken Souls

From ‘Procreative Acts’ through ‘The Cultivation of Spirit’, ‘Of Scattered Seed and Broken Souls’ takes us on a journey through our imperfections in meaningful pursuit of a state of existential wholeness. Through the medium of his short stories and his poetry, Roy Alexander Graham talks to us and through us at kairotic moments on that journey.

In ‘Procreative Acts’, a remarkable story about family, Roy explores the fact that our very origins are sometimes frought with the perils of secrecy: uncomfortable truths we would rather not discuss.
We meet again in the season he refers to as ‘Our Adolescence‘, when the rawness of our passions tend to overrule our good sense.

In ‘Adulthood’ we are faced with the necessity of pursuing meaning and purpose in our relationships.
Finally we come to that season in our experience when through the ‘Cultivation of ‘Spirit’ we seek to resolve our anxieties about being and non-being.

‘The Journey Through Our Imperfections’ is indeed the story of our lives. In the course of that journey we come to experience the liberating reality that we truly are what we can become.

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