View From A Bubble

Often we become so preoccupied with the many difficult issues all around us that we defer or forget altogether the sacred responsibility we have to take care of our own selves.  If we would be durable participants in the creation of a more viable world we must change this. This suggested change is necessary because in many instances our view of the events unfolding around us is a function of the quality of the most intimate spaces we occupy and what is happening in them.

When thoroughly examined we find that almost invariably our perspectives and our prescriptions are reflections of our own perceived fragility…or of our own determined durability. If we would speak and act with the kind of profundity we aspire to, we must take seriously the responsibility to examine and to improve where necessary, our own most intimate world. I have found that everything I say to the world must first be spoken to myself. 

It was with this in mind that I wrote the following piece some years ago.

View in a bubbleView From A Bubble

A limpid bubble drifting…
Bending against the elements of nature
And against the minds
Of gods…

A translucent sphere
Inspiring visions of futures past
And the days of the dreams
Of wishful destiny…

And bending too
As it facilitates the indentations
Of all our hopes
And all our fears…

My life unfolds today
In a bubble called time…
And I will be gentle with myself
Lest I impair my view

 From the book  “In My Element.” By Roy Alexander Graham