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Of Paradise Despised…
and lives that bought into a lie

Most of us will agree that our lives are, in many ways, not all that we would like them to be. We expend a great amount of energy reaching for a better us. The desire to lead more satisfying lives is the impetus behind many of the choices we make. The path to a more satisfying life however, can be a perilous one; because we do not always make the wisest choices.

‘Of Paradise Despised … and lives that bought into a lie’ seeks to address the existential peril that is inherent in making false choices. In a three part exploration, this book expresses our Screams, our Silence, and our Emergent Joy, as we struggle to find our way out of the perilous circumstances that threaten us as individuals and as communities. Through powerful poetry and insightful essays, this book grabs and keeps our attention because it speaks to us from the internal dimensions of our own experiences.


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