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In My Element

This book is dedicated to all who have known futility. To all who are, or have been, engaged in the struggles of meaning discovery. I invite you to share in the poetry of a more fulfilling life.

‘In My Element’ is an experience in emerging from the shell. It is a commitment to the ideal that the sharing of poetry should be an experience in empowerment. Here is an invitation to leave behind ‘The Old Days On Sisyphus’ Hill’.

Poetry is the dynamic relationship between persons and words. Each acts upon the other to create order out of chaos. To shine light in former dark places.

The individual exists in a perpetual state of change. We are spirit expressed in flesh and blood, evolving toward the ultimate revelation of the Eternal Self. The person who becomes consciously involved with the process of Self-evolution becomes a poet. In this experience, poetry is what we do. It is the craft of creating and re-creating the environment of our evolution. That environment is verily the world in which we live, and move, and have our being.

Words are the incarnation of our thoughts. A word is the dynamic in which we attempt to name reality. Words are the sounding off of the spirit. A word is the animus by which we ride the wind in our effort to capture the moment.

We are bows. Words are arrows. Poetry is the art of the hunter in search of that illusive beast we call meaning. My words and I are lovers, and all’s fair game…in love.



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