‘A Season For Reason’

A Time to Grow…

Saying “I am not the same person I was yesterday” has become cliche for many persons realizing both the need for, and the constant challenges of growth. This season, with its themes of rebirth and resurgence, is a great time to pull out…dust off…and activate the inherent challenges and benefits of this potentially invigorating reflection. Stagnation is never a viable option. We are either growing or regressing, but we do not remain the same persons we were yesterday.

Time marches on, and because we exist in a dynamic universe we do not have what for some would be the comfortable option of remaining the same. This remains true for us all, even though some of us would contest it with every fiber of our being. Some of us embrace change, even look forward to it. Some of us cope with it as a matter of course, with a kind of “alright then” attitude. And then there are those of us who have change thrust upon us; ready or not… it comes, and we deal with it because we must.